The metaverse is a digital universe concept in which we can experience, entertain, and be satisfied with the unique ideas of real life through virtual space. Virtual land in Metaverse, in particular, is regarded as a new generation invention that ushers in a completely 4.0 internet era. Virtual land will replicate existing locations in the real world. Users can construct whatever they want, decorate or design according to their ideas.

Coming to Bizverse World, we aim to build a complete Metaverse world where you will be immersed in the lands called Real World and Bizverse City.

What is Bizverse City?

Bizverse City is a dream world where residents can freely create, socialize and create a home in their own Metaverse world.

What is Realworld?

Realworld is a complete Metaverse world parallel (Digital Twin) to the real world, bringing real construction to the Metaverse. Here, users can experience, observe, shop, or register for real estate owners if they go through the KYC process to prove ownership in real life.

But since it’s coupled to the actual world in Realworld, the data has to be real-world relevant and KYC will be required to confirm ownership.

Therefore, Bizverse deploys Swap VrLand from Realworld to BizverseCity to bring users a comprehensive, safe, and secure experience.


Exclusive benefits for Vrland owners in BizverseCity:


  • VrLands on BizverseCity will continue to use an excavator to earn profits after the 6-month excavator expires on 15 November, which means VrLands in the RealWorld will no longer have access to the excavator after the date of November 15
  • Free swaps fee and mining excavators. Users will receive a 30% discount for purchasing VrLand on Bizverse City in the next sale. Especially, users will receive many gifts and materials to build vrHome and exploit business in the coming time.
  • The VrLands already available on Bizverse City do not need to be swapped and will be mining excavators, users also will receive a 50% discount purchasing VrLand on Bizverse City in the next sale. Especially, users will receive many gifts and full materials to build vrHome and exploit business in the coming time.

Instructions to swap Vrland from Realworld to Bizverse City:

Step 1: Log in to Bizverse Marketplace 

Step 2: Select Inventory, then select VrLand to Swap 

( Note that: Only applied for VrLand in Real World)

Step 3: Click Swap function and then connect the Wallet

Step 4: Get Vrland from the system’s suggested Vrland lists

Step 5: Confirm Wallet

Step 6: Successfully Swap, VrLand in your wallet

Instructional Video:

Note: The process for swapping Vrland from Realworld to Bizverse City is from 11 November to 20 November 2022.

(After due time, there may be a cost to swap Vrland to Bizverse City)

Bizverse World always tries to make every feature announced to be the most complete, providing a good user experience. And the great thing coming is that Bizverse will prioritize promoting Bizverse City in the near future and users who purchase property in Bizverse city will be eligible for discounts. Particularly, Real World focuses to develop projects associated with real assets such as real estate, and traditional tourism. This is one of the steps forward as well as a long-term and sustainable development vision that Bizverse dedicates to Bizverse residents in the near future, creating an opportunity to bring Metaverse closer to everyone’s life.


Along with the explosion of new Metaverse technology, players are undoubtedly interested in and prepared to invest in Vrlands. They believe that digital land will become a potential, future trend. According to recent statistics, investors are spending millions of dollars on virtual lands because they believe it is a wise investment for the future. As a result, BIZVERSE CITY residents, can you guess the current and future value of this project?

Come to Bizverse right now and get your own Vrland!



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