Greeting Bizers! 😋

We’re here to give you something important that will significantly benefit our Bizer community.

Important hint: KYC as soon as possible to receive Exclusive Vrlands in the Real World and a large reward pool of up to $15,000. 🔥

👉 Here is a new step-by-step guide you KYC successfully:

Step 1: Users log in to Bizverse World and access the ‘Get vrLand’ function. The system will switch to 2D mode and instructions on how to perform Get vrLand will appear.

Step 2: At the Home page of Bizverse World – pop-up instructions will appear:

. To draw and claim a vrLand, click ‘My Location’ and then move to your current location.

.  Look for the location where you want to draw the vrLand.

Step 3: A popup window appears informing the user about the ‘Get vrLand’ implementation toolkit.

Step 4: Users click the “Draw a polygon” button and begin drawing (Draw the area of vrLand using the left mouse button).

Step 5: After drawing, the user double-clicks the left mouse button to finish, then clicks the ‘Recommend’ button and enters the information to ‘Get vrLand’.

Proofs must be attached to ‘Business’ subjects (lease documents, land ownership, …)

Step 6: The user clicks the ‘Send’ button after entering the information. Bizverse will review and approve the request within 72 hours.

Step 7: The user clicks on the link in the email or goes to  Bizverse World, then selects the “My Assets” function, then “brands,” and finally the approved vrLand. A vrLand detailed information popup appears at this point, and the user clicks the Claim button to Claim vrLand.

– If the user has previously completed KYC Profile => Make Claim vrLand (Link via Market) to the wallet.

– If the user has not completed the KYC Profile => A popup will appear requesting that the user send a KYC request. (The KYC Profile request will be approved by the administrator within 72 hours. After the KYC Profile has been approved, the user will be able to make a claim on vrLand.

Note that:

– If a dispute arises, vrLand may be revoked.

– If the drawing position for “Get vrLand” is the same as one that has already been drawn, it will be rejected (unless there is sufficient proof of the land use right, business contract, …).

– Users should perform KYC in order to claim vrLand. KYC in order to claim vrLand will allow users to receive all of the features associated with that vrLand (support for both place ads for profit). If users do not complete KYC to claim vrLand, the system will only allow them to build a Home and create Metaverse Space.

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Please keep in mind that quantities are limited! Hurry up to join now!

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